about love and other politics

Gästeatelier Werkraum Warteck PP

Burgweg 7 – 15

Werkraum Warteck PP is a collective project that came up in the middle of the 90’s, based on the experiences of squats and other collaborative spaces in Europe and in Switzerland. More than 40 projects in different studios share concepts around cohabitation, collaboration, collective, contamination, process, open space, renovation, responsibility, exchange, heritage, politics in a permanent provisional open minded project. This situation creates a cloud of concepts around Warteck and an on going flux of events. Werkraum Warteck PP is a creative project, a strong attractor, located in a former beer brewery in Basel.

‘about love and other politics’ is a tagged interview based database project started in 2007 in Werkraum Warteck PP.  The construction of a related concept-tag cloud builds up a structure for an event horizon with Warteck as the attractor which can be modified by the users’ interventions. About 487 tagged fragments of video statements were organized to be played as a continuous non-linear narrative, always different according to the tags chosen by the public. The connected key words organize the visualization of the interviews.

23 interviews with people in the house were realized to talk about their personal work, Warteck itself, about Love and about Politics – are there distinct concepts? Is Love a way to deal with politics? What is understood as ‘Love’ or what does a person understand by this term? A political position to deal with the world around or an emotion to get out of everything? How did the different people drop into this place and what is their attitude towards it? Is it a working/sleeping place or is there a kind of utopia?

about love and other politics’ is a dynamic video document,
 but it’s not a documentary.

in collaboration with Ilse Ermen
our very special thanks to: Martina Siegwolf, Maurits de Wijs, Sandra Suhr and all the people in this house.
about love and other politics was supported by Gäestatelier Werkraum Warteck PP and Warteck Fonds.

All interviews fragments are stored and preserved at archive.org.