le mini-livre @ brussels 50°51’n 04°21’e

Bain:: Connective – Brussel

As a territory Brussels has a very singular situation.  From its foundation in 580, passing through the Charlemagne grandson, (1000 BC), Charles V of Habsburg (Spanish Imperious), Flanders, until to become the headquarters of the EEC, the European Economic Community, which has now become the EU -European Union (2003). Today the city to hosts over 120 international governmental organizations, 1,400 non-governmental organizations, 159 embassies and 2,500 diplomats.  Brussels’ role as a central location for European institutions and decisions has increased over the years. For many people in Europe, moreover, the term ‘Brussels’ has replaced the concept of the ‘European institutions’ in everyday language.  Given that almost one-third of its citizens are foreigners or of foreign extraction, the Brussels Region is perpetuating its long tradition of cosmopolitanism based on its complexes social-urban situations.

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