micro screening


Parallel to the Dialoghi e Musica the Micro Screening CINEVIDEO 01 – Expanded Dialogues in Vignanello was presented at Castello Ruspoli by Rachel Rosalen and Rafael Marchetti.

During this event in Vignanello cinema will be approached from a larger perspective, based on what can be called expanded cinema. It is difficult today to speak about a small European town without thinking that many of them are part of the European Union and that this relationship affects – and much – all that we understand as local. With specificities of contexts that are closer to the country side, small towns are (and are not) included in this relationships of exchange, exchange of goods or exchange of knowledge. The Internet has been shortening the distances however in many cases without face to face experience and the direct contact with other values and contexts, it is difficult to rethink practices, our own and of the others, as differential.

This program was put together by Rachel Rosalen and Rafael Marchetti, which includes works that explore the video support as language and approach different types of media archeology, the notion of territories, local and global, places and non-places.

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web  http://cinevideo01.invignanello.com/